Top, Bloomer the cat, exhausted.
Center, Blackberries ripening at my little farm in Auburn, “Wise Acres,” July 2011.
Bottom, Sunset over Monterey Bay (Asilomar State Beach,) May 2011
1) A subtitled clip reel from “The Kaiser of California” (1936.) The original film was one of two Nazi era films produced about the American west by the Third Reich. “Kaiser” was allegedly the story of John Sutter. This one, not so much (Quicktime required.)

2) A Walk Through the Auburn Cemetery on Memorial Day. This cemetery is just down the block from a house I rented until last year. In May 2010, it seemed like a good idea to take photos of Veteran’s gravestones for Memorial Day, and set them up to some music. This was back when I seemed to have a bit of spare time. I barely remember those days.

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Certified Interpretive Guide, Host and Trainer


My name is Phil Sexton. I’m a professional Interpreter of cultural and natural resources for California State Parks in Sacramento CA. You can also find me on Facebook and LinkedIn. I have over 30 years in natural resource management and historic/natural resource interpretation with USDA Forest Service, USDI National Park Service, and California State Parks. Prior to that I worked in commercial and industrial television, way back in the analog days.

I’m a life member of the National Association for Interpretation, and consult with various historic organizations. I’ve also served on the board of a visitor council in Northern California. History and tourism make up most of my professional life. It’s been a very fulfilling career choice, but there is so much more that I’d like to do. 

If you’re looking for a slick and comprehensive website, there’s Google, I guess. Right now, this site exists to primarily to protect my url and make a few things available for my friends and colleagues. Eventually there will be some systemic organization, but not right now.

Geneaology Talk Materials

On  August 25, I spoke to the Placer Co. Geneaological Society about using Google Earth for Geneaology research. Here are some sample documents and reference for their use to freely download.

  1. * Auburn Depot composite.jpg (.jpg)

  2. * Forty_acres.jpg (.jpg)

  3. * railyards_site_1860s.png (.png)

  4. * 1888 Shops Joslyn a.jpg (.jpg) Not for publication. For demo only!

  5. *1926 ca - CSRM 31409cn pp.jpg (.jpg )Not for publication. For demo only!

  6. *1951 Shops part a.jpg (.jpg) Not for publication. For demo only!

  7. *google_earth_resources.pdf (.pdf)

  8. *City of London timeline (.kmz)

The Donner Pass guide is again available!

23 pages, 2.2Mb download it here.

This document was created for the August 6 and 20, 2011 docent trip.

The Blog is Still Around

My blog, “Speaking of Interpretation” lives again. I’ve been so busy that I had put it aside for several years, actually, but enough people have been asking that I think I’ll start writing it again. You can find my blog at http://interpspeak.blogspot.com/